The Grounds

Garden and Grounds

The grounds have long been kept as traditional as possible. This is of particular benefit for film crews as there is minimal work in preparing for period filmin. However some particular plants have seen better days, so the time has come to uproot and replace.

This has the potential to leave hedges with spaces until the new plants mature to the point where they can be clipped in line with the surrounding foliage. Of course species will be accurately matched wherever possible, so given time the replacements will be completely unoticeable.yew topiary in nurseryImage by Hedgeworx

In addition to hedging we felt some of the specimen trees need major cutting back and maintenance, and in a few specific cases replacing completely. There are suppliers who import enormous topiary and we aim to replace like for like. Therefore this should be completely unoticeable, other than while the works are in progress.

There are also some masonary works which will require maintenance over the next few years, however we think this should be delayed until as late as possible. The reson being that whilst it will ultimately improve the appearance of the gardens, in the short term it may require heavy machinery and excessive footfall on easily damaged areas, particularly lawns.

The plan is also to increase the wildlife areas. Whilst these are out of sight, there are a number of new plant species which can be introduced, these in turn will attrach a wide range of insects and beetles. It is hoped that the increase in insects will attract birds, bats, lizards and other wildlife, this will help the eco sysstem and it’s hoped ultimately assist in natural pest control withoutt the need for artificial spraying.

wild garden for nature

Everything is only at the initial staages at the moment and consultation will be taken before any changes are put into place.