Hiring a Marquee for Your Wedding

With the increasingly bizarre antics of the English weather, having a wet weather option at your wedding is fast becoming a must.  It provides you with shelter if necessary and a dry place to have some photos taken if the heavens have opened outside.  It also generally means that guests are free to grind wedding cake underfoot and gesticulate with a glass of red in hand without landing you with a massive cleaning bill afterwards.

Does Size Matter?

Even if you’re keeping your wedding to a select number, you will probably end up needing more space than you thought.  Whether this is for your massive wedding cake to have its own table, to allow waiters to move around or just to make sure kids can get out quickly when they ‘neeeeed a weeeee!’, you’ll quickly find your small wedding of 30 people needs rather a lot of space.

Full Control

Choosing a marquee instead of a venue room gives you a unique edge: you can choose exactly how it’s going to look.  Given that most standard marquees are white and relatively uncomplicated, you can have full control over how the flowers are arranged, where the tables are placed and even wrap pretty ribbons around any unsightly metal poles.

Help Where It’s Needed

If you use a professional marquee rental service, they will offer you plenty of help if you need it.  They can advise on the style and size of marquee that will fit your needs, the kind of decoration that will work with your marquee and theme and many other niggling details that you probably hadn’t even thought of.  For example, do you want full length windows or small, arched windows?  How many entrances/exits do you require?  Where is the best location for your marquee?  Do you need flooring?  Some companies will even visit your planned reception site and inspect it for appropriateness.

How Much will it Cost?

Well it will of course vary according to how much space you need and how many guests you have.  It will also hinge on your research and haggling skills.  With so many hire companies out there, you will probably be able to shop around and find the best deal just by using the internet, you could visit my local one, Richardson Marquees (I’d like to add I havent used them myself, so can’t comment on them, they are just the company which I know because I saw their vans a couple of times, so I found them on Google to get you started, I’m nice like that!).

A very general guide is that if you have 150 guests, to hire a marquee big enough you will probably need to spend somewhere in the region of £4,000.  This would include full construction, heating, lighting, flooring, doors, dismantling and linings.  However, you’ll find a much lower price if you’re willing to forgo some of those touches.

If you go for a full-service rental agency, you can build your dream venue pretty much from the ground up, picking lighting themes, colours, furnishings and props that fit in with the rest of your day.  This service won’t be cheap but it will take a lot of the stress away.

It’s also worth remembering that hiring a marquee can be a lot more affordable than going for a larger venue such as a hotel.  If you have a large garden at your disposal, it’s the best choice in terms of budgeting. Just remember not to blow the budget, you still need the wedding photography, band, caterers, as everyone will need something to soak up all that drink with, the band plus all the little extras which people forget to include in the initial budget.