Bands and Functions

Certainly one of the most imposing buildings in Buckinghamshire, Halton House will have been host to a wide range of grand events such as weddings, balls and state occasions during the last hundred and thirty years or so.

I can imagine any bride being more than happy with approaching the venue down it’s impressive avenue to the front of the building, lined with mature trees. Although these days being the officers mess I don’t believe it’s available for private hire any more, I suppose the only solution would be to marry an RAF officer.

The building has a somewhat unusual though somewhat unusual appearance, this is due to it only actually being just over a hundred years old, however it was designed to look older rather than following modern architecture techniques for its time.

The grand hall is an impressive feature; and again, any bride would have been delighted to hold their wedding reception in it. With side rooms and undoubtedly well fitted and kitted kitchen and space to party all night all that would be needed are a good wedding band to play, and the reception would almost be a guaranteed success. If you are looking for a professional band, I would suggest taking a look at Catch 22, I’ve seen them play a couple of weddings over the last few years and are very good.

If rooms were also available (I don’t know exactly how many there are, but I would imagine the 3 story building originally had at least 20 bedrooms) the couple could go upstairs to change for the evening and then come down the staircase to the main hall for their first dance.

All in all I don’t think anyone would be disappointed by this venue regardless of the event.  The RAF still have events there which are undoubtedly well attended, I would imagine they are balls for big occasions where everyone is dressed up with top quality catering and wine laid on with a professional party band playing, so they can all dance the night away.

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