So what is seo? It’s abbreviation stands for search engine optimisation, although if you are unfamiliar with the internet and how it works, that probably doesn’t mean much to you either, so let’s delve a little deeper.

It could be defined as a process which is both technical and creative which is used to increase exposure to individual websites through increased positions in the search engines. Whilst this definition is somewhat vague, it does illustrate the fact that despite being a technical skill, it does also require some creative thinking to achieve the desired results. These are usually to make a website appear higher up in the search engines, this is done by a number of methods and processes, including changing the titles of a web page, updating alt tags and link marketing.

However just because a site appears high up in a search, does not mean that it is automatically a success, the process of optimising and gaining good ranks will provide exposure for the website, however, it’s ultimately the number of clicks to the site and then the number of those site visitors who ultimately complete the desired action which is important.¬† Therefore site design is also very relevant, although not strictly SEO itself, website design is important too, as it is this which will guide the visitor around the website and eventually complete the action you require.

I wonder if the Government, RAF and Army in the UK do anything to make their websites friendly and appear high up in the search engines. They certainly do appear high, but is it just because they naturally link back and forth to each other, or do they actually work on this. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Try it for yourself, try looking for a term such as seo firm based in Wiltshire or obviously dependent on exactly where you are within the county you could try something more specific, like seo consultants from Swindon this will bring up multiple results, or just click here these sites are likely to have had a degree of work, as they are all companies within that specific industry, from there you can begin to see the type of work completed to achieve their  good ranks.

So although SEO can work in isolation, ideally it must go hand in hand with design aspects too. It is worth remembering that although search engine optimisation is not a form of advertising or even web marketing, the end results can be the same, with increased exposure to both customers and those looking for general information.